James McCaffrey, ‘Max Payne’ and ‘Alan Wake 2’ Voice Actor, Dies at 65

James McCaffrey, ‘Max Payne’ and ‘Alan Wake 2’ Voice Actor, Dies at 65

James McCaffrey, voice of Max Payne and Alan Wake games, James McCaffrey dies at 65

The actor, who also starred in film and television for decades, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of blood cancer

an actor who provided the voice of Max Payne in the popular video game series and most recently voiced Alex Casey in “Alan Wake 2,” died Sunday after a battle with cancer, Variety has confirmed with his manager. He was 65.

McCaffrey was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, according to TMZ, which first reported the news.

James McCaffrey, ‘Max Payne’ and ‘Alan Wake 2’ Voice Actor, Dies at 65

Before his career in video game voice acting, McCaffrey was a film and TV actor for more than 30 years. His first roles dated back to the late ’80s and early ’90s, with his breakout project being Fox’s police drama “New York Undercover.” He played the recurring role of Captain Arthur O’Byrne in Season 3. He then starred in the NBC action series “Viper,” when it originally ran for one season in 1994, and he returned for Season 4 when it was revived a few years later.

James McCaffrey, ‘Max Payne’ and ‘Alan Wake 2’ Voice Actor, Dies at 65

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of James McCaffrey, the talented voice actor known for his iconic roles as Max Payne and in the video game ‘Alan Wake 2’. McCaffrey died at the age of 65, leaving behind a legacy of memorable performances.

McCaffrey’s portrayal of Max Payne, the gritty and tormented protagonist of the popular video game series, earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. His distinct voice and nuanced performance brought the character to life, making Max Payne one of the most beloved video game characters of all time.

In addition to his work on the ‘Max Payne’ series, McCaffrey also lent his voice to the character of Alan Wake in the highly anticipated sequel ‘Alan Wake 2’. Fans were eagerly awaiting the release of the game, excited to once again hear McCaffrey’s voice bring another memorable character to life.

McCaffrey’s talent extended beyond the realm of video games. He was also a respected stage and screen actor, known for his versatility and ability to bring depth to every role he played. His contributions to the entertainment industry will be remembered and cherished by fans and colleagues alike.

The news of James McCaffrey’s passing has deeply saddened the gaming community and fans around the world. Tributes and condolences have poured in from fellow actors, game developers, and fans, highlighting the impact McCaffrey had on the industry and the lives of those who enjoyed his work.

James McCaffrey’s legacy as a talented voice actor and performer will continue to live on through the characters he brought to life. His contributions to the gaming industry and beyond will not be forgotten, and he will be greatly missed.

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